lake-1030810_1920Indoor home cooling consists of keeping the cool air in and the heat out. There are several no cost or low cost steps you can take to help keep your home cool this summer; some of which are outlined below.

The number one way to keep your home cool is to ensure your cooling system is working efficiently. Our professionally trained team of technicians are available to help keep your home comfortable for your family.  Check out our summer specials today!

Stop drafts.
For a small price, you can seal windows and doors to help keep the cold air in. Don’t forget to insulate any electric outlets or switches, crawl spaces or attic doors.

Install an attic fan.
An attic fan lessens the amount of hot air trapped in the space, making your home easier to cool and can decrease your home cooling bill by up to 10% a year.

• Add insulation.
Double-paned windows, well-insulated walls and increasing the insulation in your attic all help to save energy by keeping the cool air indoors.

• Keep drapes, curtains and blinds closed during the day.
Closing curtains helps deflect sunlight, which reduces heat in your home. Darkened rooms can be depressing. If this affects you, open window treatments only in the room you are using at a particular time and close all others.

• Use your grill.
This will not only prevent your house from warming up, grilling is typically a healthier option. With so many fresh fruits and vegetables available in the summer, grilling is a great option for any meal.

• Set your fans to rotate counter clockwise.
Adjust your fans rotation and speed. Counter clockwise and a higher speed setting will provide cool breeze.